Привет! Меня зовут - Andreita_M

Немного обо мне:

Меня привлекает: I have a divine face and I am voluptuous, I am easily humid, it depends on how much you can motivate me, I love kisses and rough sex in a few words, delicately rough, I am a girl who likes good words but see you while you think of me is something I can not stand, you can fuck me as you want as long as you do well and leave me satisfied.

Меня отталкивает: My room rules: *Do not put me names of animals *If you Want a Show or you have a request it is special, you *Must pay before *you must have fun *if you do not like my show, you can give it next camera *i do not poor or vomit *Respect me, my tippers, my room and my show *do not talk to me about explicit things in the public chat *the pm, is only to specify some show in private or special for you *no promotions other models *if you want an answer after asking something give me 1 tip