Привет! Меня зовут - AuraParadis

Немного обо мне:

Меня привлекает: I love a man who is tall, 180 cm plus, into sports and fitness and spirituality as well as god, is handsome and is generous to me, financially and spiritualy and loves me and is willing to live in Polynesia and marry me and does so. I dance in public dressed, in group private in lingerie and to my husband naked. I also am a healer, specialised in spirituality, fasting, healthy sustainable diets, prevention and treatment of all major health areas, including teeth. prices on bonga: 20 tkns 5 min talk 40 tkns public dance pvt lingerie dance

Меня отталкивает: what/who is not thin, not healthy or youthful, including visually such as sunglasses, people who beg without giving, people who accuse