Привет! Меня зовут - Chiikago

Немного обо мне:

Меня привлекает: I like to have fun and enjoy myself without having to pretend things. I am who I am..dont expect me to play horny, to play funny, or to play an orgasm unless you are ready to offer it to me!! I love fantasies,any kind of them.. I have so many myself.. I love role-plays and games.. I am very open minded and there are just few things I would say no to, if you are not able to convince me:P I prefer to have you excited, horny, hard, satisfied and still wanting for me during and after the private..

Меня отталкивает: I dont care who you are, what you look like or how you choose to live your life! You don’t need a monter cock to impress me.. all it takes is paying attention to me, respecting me, enjoying me, honesty and a lot of spoiling..haha, yes, I am a spoiled brat!! Can’t u tell? If you are good to me ill be GREAT to you!!