Привет! Меня зовут - DakotaPie

Немного обо мне:

Меня привлекает: My Pleasure to meet you ! :) I"m ready to spend an amazing joyful time with you.I"m fully of passionate, so come visit me and make each other really happy.I"m free spirited, cheerful and open to a lot of things. For as long as you treat me with respect we can go a long way and exchange mutual pleasures. I"m a nice girl who likes laugh and a good sense of humor and i think that we have a great time in my room!!!

Меня отталкивает: Rude guys are a major turn off. It is not hard to say “hello” or “goodbye” so I see little excuse for forgetting and this behavior does not make me fond of you. If you are polite to me I will give you the same courtesy and we will have fun together no matter what we choose to do.