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Меня привлекает: transformation of my desires and your fantasies into reality! pleasure and fun with each other! Tenderness and passion or coarseness and cruelty depends on you ... Private voice chat, come to listen to me ... I love role-playing games in the context of penalty-weasel. Very exciting feeling of weakness and insecurity. I also enjoy reading your compliments, but the best compliment - it is, of course, a tip so I can see if I have really liked or did you think about, right now, tell her that she's beautiful and she told me afterwards boobs show ____ In private Classics - nice striptease, hard and tender sex, masturbation fingers and toys, oral, Vaginal, anal, double penetration, blowjob Various fetishes and BDSM: role-playing games ,, domination, humiliation and submission.

Меня отталкивает: Rudeness, arrogance and lie .No Real !!! I want to ask here is not mentioned in any correspondence of social networks !! I never talk or work in the UK! Who does not know - here on the website -Hard rules and heavy fines for models (!!!) for attempting to exchange information - please do not substitute me with questions about it all, and your data !! it does not matter what you throw the Old - the administration is like! This is a violation and is punishable!